Just Peel, Place and Stick!

Eazywallz wall murals are made of a self-adhesive thin canvas material made of 100% polyester fabric. Multi-US patented, our murals can be installed on almost any flat and smooth surface. They can be removed and reused multiple times without leaving a residue and without loss of adhesion. They do not require use of wallpaper paste or glue for hanging.

Unlike traditional wallpaper, our peel and stick wall murals won't rip, wrinkle or tear. And unlike vinyl, they will not shrink or curl. If you misplace your wall mural, remove it in seconds and re-stick it… Literally, you peel, place and stick! It is as eazy as you can get!

Our wall murals are Class A or 1 fire rated, non-toxic, green and phthalates free. Extremely durable, Eazywallz can be wrapped around corners or poles.

For high traffic, high moisture and outdoor areas, we offer an optional protective coating (lamination) on any of our wall murals!

Key Benefits


Eazywallz is peel and stick. No paste, no mess!


No need to purchase a wallpaper kit or extra tools to install our wall murals. Eazy!

Removing traditional wallpaper is a frustrating process. Eazywallz murals can be taken down in minutes without damage and reused elsewhere.

More choices... More possibilities!

We offer 3 variations of our peel & stick fabric, to cover (almost) any surface and be prepared for any application! For high traffic, high moisture and outdoor areas, we also offer a protective coating option (lamination), which can be applied to all 3 fabric variations.

Original Fabric

The material that started it all! Peel & stick, easy to install and easy to remove. Our self-adhesive thin fabric can be removed without any damage to the surface it is applied on and be repositioned multiple times. The original fabric option is not recommended for textured walls and is only 75% opaque. It is the ideal option for white painted walls and flat surfaces (including plywood, foam core and more).

Opaque Fabric

Our Opaque version provides 95% opacity and 20% stronger adhesive, making it the perfect option for overlapping/paneling, hiding marked or darker colored walls and application on slightly textured walls. It offers the same characteristics as the original version: ease of installation, removability and reusability, with less translucence and more tackiness.

High Tack Fabric

With a 50% stronger adhesive, our High Tack version is the ideal choice for more uneven and textured walls ("orange peel") and permanent installations. Although removable and reusable, we do not advise installing it on flat and smooth surface (use our Original or Opaque versions instead), as it may cause paint flecking if removed.

Protective Coating (Lamination)

We highly recommend Lamination for high traffic areas or areas that may come into contact with liquid, such as kitchen, bathroom and even a house with kids! The Lamination will protect the mural against moisture/humidity, scratches, UV and everyday wear and tear, and most importantly, it can be cleaned with a damp cloth! Lamination finish is matte.