22 Custom Wall Murals to Make your Home a Sanctuary in 2020

With 2020 in full effect, it's time to turn your home into a sanctuary with some amazing custom wall murals. We have scoured the internet for the top trends in home decor to give you a look at what's to come.

With the Pantone color of the year being classic blue, we will see a move toward interiors that will bring a sense of peace and tranquillity. Deep ocean wallpaper murals and some night sky removable wall murals will add a comforting feel to your home embracing soft tones and cool highlights.

These 22 custom wall mural ideas below will turn your home into a personal oasis that you will never want to leave. 

Organic Shapes

This motif will be at the forefront this year because of its natural and free-form look. The variety of shapes and colors that can be meshed together allows you to add your favorite pieces of funky and irregular furniture with ease.

Here are some popular organic shaped temporary wall murals from our new Grand Abstract Wall Mural Collection.

1. Abstract Earthtones 3 Wall Mural 

Abstract Earthtones 3 Wall Mural

Abstract Earthtones 3 Wallpaper

2. Abstract Earthtones Shapes 2 

abstract earthones removable wallpaper

abstract earthones removable wallpaper

3. Abstract Earthtones 1 Removable Wallpaper

abstract earthtones peel and stick wallpaper

abstract earthtones peel and stick wallpaper

4. Hand Abstract Shapes Mural Wallpaper



5. Watercolour shapes removable wallpaper




Dark Florals

Floral Wallpaper might be an outdated idea but these moody floral murals will definitely change the way you look at this trend. Large scale and bold dark tones will dominate this look. These mural wallpapers are popular in powder rooms, living rooms, or reading rooms. 

Take a look at these vintage dark floral murals below. You can find a huge selection of all the floral wall murals here.

6. Dark Floral Wallpaper 

dark floral wallpaper 2

7. Dark Floral Wall Mural 2

dark floral wallpaper


8. Spring Birds & Floral Wall Mural

Spring Birds & Floral Wall Mural

9. Japanese Floral Wallpaper Mural 


 10. Vintage Floral Lux Wall Wallpaper Mural

22 Custom Wall Murals to Make your Home a Sanctuary in 2020

11. Vintage Still Floral Wall Mural 


Transitional Style

The mixture of traditional and contemporary design will be a popular trend in 2020 resulting in beautiful home decor looks. This trend will have a simplistic look with deliberate uses of rich textures and clean lines. Most Traditional pieces of home decor furniture can be coupled with minimalistic style wall murals and removable wallpaper.

12. Minimal Map of Paris Wallpaper Mural 

minimal map of paris wallpaper mural

minimal map of paris wallpaper mural

13. Blue Marble Wall Mural 

blue marble wallpaper mural

14. Isolated Palm Trees Wall Mural

palm trees wall mural

15. Isolated Palm Leaf Wall Mural

isolated palm leaf

16. Abstract Motif Removable Wallpaper 



17. Dreamy Landscape Wall Mural

dreamy landscape wallpaper mural

High Contrast 

Another trend growing in popularity through 2020 is high contrast wallpaper. Home decor looks were dominated by all-white features throughout every room but we may see additions of black now. The black and white highlights will make it easier to introduce furniture and textures. Variations of textures like metal and wood are seamlessly applied to any space. 

18. Abstract Faces Wall Mural

abstract faces wallpaper mural

19. Vendetta mask wall art

vendetta graffiti wall mural

20. Shakespear Graffiti Quote Mural

shakespear graffiti wall art

21. Brush Typography Wall Mural 

brush type wallpaper mural

22. The night must fall wallpaper mural 

graffiti wallpaper art

These 22 custom wall mural ideas above will hopefully inspire your next wall mural or wallpaper choice. Use these popular 2020 trends to create the space you love whether it's in your living room, bedroom, or kid's room. You can even create your own custom wall mural and upload it! 

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