Removable Wallpaper | The Temporary Trend That's Sticking Around!

“I want to spend hours scraping wallpaper off my walls”, said no one ever. Yet, until recently, taking down traditional wallpaper would require stripping, steaming, peeling and scraping the surfaces of your wall until all of the excess print was removed.

The installation process is not much easier either. Plastering your wallpaper with glue, then carefully manipulating the paper to seamlessly fit onto the dimensions of your wall is a tricky task. Lest we forget the underestimation of shrinking during the drying stage, which can often lead to issues with traditional wallpaper alignment.

Yet, thanks to the rebellion of bloggers and millennials on a global scale, we have seen a resurgence of wallpaper becoming a key feature in the interior design process of many homes. Printed, minimalistic, bold or fabric textures - wallpaper is a trending topic. And now, thanks to removable wallpaper, it is also about to get a whole lot easier to incorporate into your home…

What is Removable Wallpaper?

Removable wallpaper, also commonly referred to as peel and stick,  is ‘a wallpaper option that is easy to remove’. The notion of ‘removable’ often goes hand-in-hand with the idea of temporary, reusable and usually self-adhesive - meaning glue or pasting processes are not required for this type of fixture.

Removable wallpaper are a particularly fruitful design choice for those of you with either contemporary tastes or temporary living arrangements (i.e., renting), in addition to those looking for a cost effective wallpaper - as the peel and stick format it is not only removable, but reusable as well.

removable peel & stick wallpaper

The Benefits of Removable Wallpaper

The practicality of wallpaper has been an ongoing concern for decades, and while traditional “non-removable” wallpaper has come a long way, more people are looking at the removable option for their homes.

1. Applying Removable Wallpaper

You don't need any special skills to put up removable wallpaper. All you have to do is peel off the back liner that protects the adhesive and apply each strip to the wall. The primed and painted surface should be clean and in good condition. Satin and semi-gloss paints work best. When applying to a wall, start at the top and work your way down, but there is nothing much to worry about. Because removable wallpaper is peel and stick, a crooked strip can be peeled off and reapplied instantly.
To facilitate easy installation, all of EazyWallz removable wallpaper strips are delivered in panels between 50 and 70 cm. Each panel is numbered and an installation guide is provided with each order. Rolls are installed 'border to border,' allowing for a simple and rapid installation.

removable peel & stick wallpaper

When it comes to ease of application, wallpaper that is advertised as removable doesn't need any of the same adhesives that are needed to apply traditional wallpaper, which makes the application process much less messy.

2. Removal and Reusability

By nature, removable wallpaper can be stuck, unstuck and restuck multiple times without any additional pastes or adhesives, and the installation process is generally considered to be a whole lot quicker and more efficient than applying traditional wallpaper.

Moreover, unlike with traditional wallpaper or wall murals, removable wallpaper can be both installed and removed without the risk of doing any damage to the underlying wall. This makes the removable option particularly attractive to renters, who can utilise removable wallpaper to customize their homes to suit their tastes, without making any permanent changes to the property that could later cause problems with the landlord.

traditional removable wallpaper

Dorm rooms are another particularly useful place to incorporate removable wallpaper. College students have the ability to personalize their space, making them feel more at home, without permanently altering or damaging their dorm room.

tropical removable wallpaper

Another major grievance that wallpaper lovers possess is that when moving homes they have to leave behind their beloved wallpaper designs. Removable options have thus resolved this problem for many. With peel-and-stick solutions, you can simply remove the wallpaper and take it with you to your next property - saving you both a financial and emotional burden of leaving behind your beloved designs.

💡 Pro tip: Self-adhesive, reusable wallpapers come with an acetate or nonstick backing that you peel off before installation, so if you do decide to move your wallpaper from one home to another, make sure to keep the backing to effectively transport it to your new space.

3. Change style frequently, keep on trend

Likewise, whether you own your home or you’re renting it, using removable wallpaper will allow you to keep up with the latest interior design trends, as new wallpaper designs can be applied easily.

kids removable wallpaper

Removable wallpaper enables you to design your room how you want to without being plagued by the intrusive realisation that wallpaper can be a bit of a ‘commitment’.  For those of you who love to incorporate bold print, removable wallpaper allows you to add a little innovation to your space. And with wallpaper, sealing the deal with just one singular pattern is perhaps most daunting of all. And, if this bold or geometric design becomes ‘out-dated’, a common theme in the fast fashion and interior design world, you can simply unpeel and start the transformation process all over again.

art deco removable wallpaper

Thankfully, there is also an extensive range of removable wallpaper designs for you to choose from, with ‘botanical wallpaper’ a current trending topic in the removable wallpaper sphere. So whether you’re a renter, a college student or a commitment phobe, now is the perfect time to redesign your space to match your personality and design needs without worrying about the risk to your security deposit!

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