3 ways Wallpaper Will Transform Your Business Space

When it comes to creating a productive and inspiring work environment, without compromising sleek, high-end decor, commercial wallpaper can completely transform your office environment. Whether it's to improve workforce productivity, to impress clients when they visit the office, to create a seamless business profile or for environmental purposes - wallpaper provides a multitude of benefits for any corporate gig. To put this into perspective, our article outlines the key advantages to incorporating wallpaper in your commercial office, studio, conference rooms and so forth...

Wall Murals for Businesses

Office Wallpaper Boosts Team Productivity 

According to a study by Oxford University, happy workers are 13% more productive.

Good working environments go hand in hand with employee productivity. In recent years, a number of organizations, including big names like Facebook and Google, have shown that offices don’t have to be generic spaces. Instead of uniformity, offices can be unique, acting as extensions of a brand’s identity.

Steve Jobs said “there’s a temptation in our networked age to think that ideas can be developed by email and iChat. That’s crazy. Creativity comes from spontaneous meetings and from random discussions.” Consequently, he transformed the apple offices to look like a university campus, with the motivation of fostering creativity and encouraging ad-hoc unscheduled meetings.

torn posters wall mural inside business

Indeed, companies are increasingly creating a bespoke office design to cultivate ‘environmental psychology’, which determines how a work environment can affect employee mood, engagement levels at work, and how it improves productivity and efficiency across the board. Corporations abide by these rules to design their offices into interesting spaces that maintain a communicative atmosphere.

With this being said, design is essential to steer this type of office environment. Thus, wallpaper is a key ingredient in doing this. Designs like our Blue Abstract wall mural welcome open spaces and create interest in a room, aiming to inspire businessmen and women alike when they enter the workplace.

urban wall mural inside business office

Office Wallpaper Conserves Resources

Climate change is upon us. Consequently, businesses are adapting and trying to make their office space as sustainable as possible. Whether it be via embracing renewable energy, encouraging green common, or embracing natural light in the office, corporations are integrating environmentally friendly solutions to the working landscape. With this being said, aside from the obvious benefits for your workforce productivity, office wallpaper can be an environmentally friendly solution. 

urban 6 wallpaper mural inside a business

In comparison to paint, premium and quality office wallpaper contains;

  • Longevity: Good wallpaper lasts on average 15-25 years, or even longer if maintained well. Office wallpaper can last up to five times longer than paint, which means you won’t have to spend valuable resources on design upkeep.
  • Low Maintenance: High-quality wallpaper is fairly low maintenance and is easy to clean. Typically, if you get a stain on the surface, it can be easily removed unlike a painted wall. People typically have to paint their walls every 3-5 years, particularly if it is a poor paint job, making wallpapers an economical and budget friendly solution. 
  • Reduce Energy Use: Surprisingly, wallpapers are great insulators. Due to this, their installation can actually save you money on your energy bills.
industrial buildings inside business reception area

Overall Seamless Business Profile

In an ever growing and competitive landscape, brand identity and look is crucial to the success of many businesses. While having a stellar product and/ or service may seem like the archetypical success model for businesses, your brands overall look and aura is HIGHLY important, particularly in terms of attracting new clients or jobseekers. 

In the same sense that a member of staff is crucial to your brand, your office design and workspace facilities have the power to say a thousand words about your brand values and ethics. It is the face of the business, so it’s important to get it right.

corporate business room with a wall mural

Whether you are in the financial sector and wanted to break the stereotype of bland and boring corporate offices, or in a fast-paced creative agency, where innovation is at the forefront of your services - business wallpaper can cleverly translate your business message.

The types of business wallpaper you choose to incorporate is ultimately dependent upon your brand culture. For example, if you own a business that prides itself on collaboration and creativity, then open office designs with bold and colour printed wallpaper such as our grunge graffiti wall murals, is presumably the way forward.

cityscape wall mural in a business office

On the other hand, if you’re a business that deals with excessive paperwork and confidential data, then more modest tones and colours may be more your style of play - resting easy on the eye to cultivate work productivity. Let’s not get this confused though. Modesty does not mean boring. Take our cloud wallpaper for example, the colour scheme facilitates comprehension and data analysis, while still incorporating an interesting design that is both unique and innovative.

Birds of America Wall Mural in a kitchen office

If you are a corporate office, such as a law firm and publishing company, you can even get your own custom wall mural with your company's logo on to wow clients when they enter. This will exude professionalism and could lead to better customer relations and business success.

There are so many benefits that come from installing beautiful and high-quality business wallpaper or wall murals in your workspace. Not only does it provide a polished and clean aesthetic, but it also gives you a brand identity that you and your employees will cherish.