5 Wall Mural designs to lift your mood


Your home ought to be a place of relaxation and happiness. How you design the space around you can dramatically impact how you feel, and every selection of wallpaper or fabric makes some difference.

Neuro-architecture studies how the body and brain respond to the built environment. In interiors, it's how you apply shapes, colors, and textures in your home and transform it into a stress-free and feel-good zone.

Whether you want to design an energizing, relaxing, calm, or happy place, you can incorporate a mural to create an environment you love. Here are five favorite mood-boosting wall murals to help get you started.

1. Memphis

Designed by a Memphis group in the 1980s, Memphis wall murals feature an array of bright colors combined with abstract elements to create a one-of-a-kind wallpaper mural for any space. These murals showcase every color on the scale, from bright reds and soft pinks to cool blues and bright yellows. You can mix and match these wallpapers for a colorful home decor piece; they also work as a fun and bright background.

memphis wallpaper murals
memphis abstract wall murals

2. Squiggles

The squiggle custom wall murals are visually pleasing, high-quality, colorful, handmade wallpapers with many colors to make your space stand out. The abstract swirls and shapes provide an eccentric and colorful mural used in most areas like a home office, playroom, or children's bedroom. The bright futuristic color palettes offer a backdrop that matches colorful home pieces like décor items, carpets, or chairs.

squiggles abstract gradient wallpaper murals

squiggles abstract gradient wallpaper murals 

3. Summer Tropical Mix Murals

Tropical wallpaper murals create a bold look and revive the interior with its elegant green colors. With a variety of banana leaves and coconut palm leaves, you can apply these mural wallpapers in your bedroom, living room, or any space you want to create a relaxing atmosphere. Inspired by the beach atmosphere of coastal cities, these wallpaper murals fit seamlessly in open and bright rooms. These tropical removable wall murals add beautiful color palettes to your walls, including blues,  greens,  reds, and yellows.

Tropical Wall murals

tropical leaves wallpaper murals

4. Modern Kids Geometric Peel And Stick

Modern kids' Geometric wall murals have a cute hand-drawn playful design that makes them an excellent choice to liven up the walls. Kids' geometric peel and stick murals create a colorful and energetic room for kids in their bedrooms, daycare, or kindergarten.

kids geometric wallpaper mural

5. Tropical Beach Murals

Beach wall murals bring exotic and warm feeling into your living space. The beach mural's ocean and beach views create a relaxing vision and tranquility in your office or home decor. Beach Wall Murals are the perfect choice to add a warm and inviting atmosphere to your rooms. These fabulous photo murals will make your walls shine, exotic or dramatic, and you'll feel like you step right onto the white sandy beaches under the palm trees in the pictures.

surfboard beach wall murals

tropical palm trees beach wall murals

tropical beach wallpaper mural

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