10 On-Trend Floral Wall Murals to Transform your Home

Dramatic Floral Wall Murals & Floral Wallpaper are always on trend so here's a list of 10 floral wallpaper designs to style your home in a livable way.

Floral designs are suitable for every kind of interior but it's tricky to balance the right look.

Large scale floral wall art for an accent wall can create an overbearing feel in small spaces but at the same time fill in bare walls in higher ceiling interiors.

For darker spaces, you can lighten the room with dramatic painted floral art and for lighter spaces you can apply light lilies to transform your interior.

Explore our curated collection of rich and elegant painted floral wallpaper murals. A variety of beautiful floral mixtures from roses to lilies. The large scale petals and the vintage textures provide a striking piece of art that covers your entire wall. 

1. Vibrant Dark Floral Nurseries

A vibrant dark floral wallpaper showcases how dramatic florals can be the focal point of a room without being overpowering. The depth of this colourful and dramatic wallpaper is offset with delicately detailed roses and wild flowers. With this sort of design, you can afford to keep your furniture quite minimal.

Apartment therapy has a great popular floral wallpaper guide for spring also.

 dramatic vibrant dark floral wallpaper

2. Wild Jungle Floral Wallpaper

It doesn't have to be all flowers all the time, mix in some exotic wild life with different shades of colour to get an authentic look. Jungle wildlife creates an exotic look that matches well with tropical interiors and living spaces. Our vibrant jungle floral removable wallpaper is a perfect fit for a one-of-a-kind interior.

Check out some newly added removable wallpaper featuring these exotic wallpaper


vibrant jungle floral wallpaper mural

3. The Birds & The Flowers

Mixing in beautiful birds creates a dreamy landscape that is perfect for nurseries. The light color backgrounds mixed with bird elements is the perfect dreamy floral wallpaper. The Vintage Chinoiserie Wall Mural below is a guarantee winner in baby rooms and nurseries.

 vintage chinoirserie wall mural

4. Vintage Painted Flower Wall Murals

Vintage painted flower designs is a top choice for a wallpaper mural. These murals use large rose illustrations to create an elegant vintage effect. The saturated tone of the colours really makes it a feature wall in a bathroom, living room or bedroom.

rose ibicus wallpaper mural

5. European Still Floral Wallpaper Murals

With a moody colour palette, these paintings are a perfect way to add a touch of sophisticated depth to a space. For this design, we suggest going all out and adding in luxe textures, such as velvet throws and pillows.

Not just a housewife.com was crushing on some vintage floral wall murals

europeana vintage floral wallpaper

6. Abstract Floral Wall Murals

Different floral abstract wall art comes in a variety of shapes and colours to achieve a different feel to your walls. Use these temporary wallpapers to create a dynamic wall that is perfect for a teenagers room or a living space.


abstract floral wallpaper mural


7. Boho Flowers for your Boho Space

Allow these romantic, dreamy flowers of purple, red and green eucalyptus fall along your walls. Bringing in a water colour and feminine touch of spring florals to your space, making an elegant statement. This bold brings a new sense of beauty and maturity to the world of floral wallpaper.


boho flower wallpaper

8. Minimal Floral Murals

Strip your floral wallpaper down to its core with these minimal wall murals. Simple lines and pastel colours create a beautiful wall mural that won't overpower your interior. These versatile designs are perfect for Boho or Scandinavian spaces.


minimal floral wallpaper mural


9. Monochromatic Floral Wallpaper

Using a one colour floral wall mural really brings out the interior in a special way. These black and white floral wallpapers use hand drawn elements coupled with minimal colour to achieve the perfect back drop for bedrooms or living rooms.


blue floral wallpaper mural


10. Water Colour Flowers

Hand drawn florals never go out of style so why not drape your walls with colourful water colour florals bursting with style. Our Water colour removable wallpaper is a great selection of floral wallpaper murals for nurseries, baby rooms, or play rooms.

water colour peonies wallpaper mural


We hope you enjoyed our list of spring inspired floral wallpapers to transform your home. These easy to apply wallpapers are a perfect spring project to do it your self. Did you like this list? Check out a bunch more below we think you might like.

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