Choosing the Perfect Skyline Mural for Your Room

Do you want to travel to a destination of your dreams in the comfort of your own home?

Take your home to the city you love or the location you’ve always wanted to visit with stunning skyline wallpaper murals. This imagery is quite spectacular in homes, yet also being a great feature for offices and commercial spaces. The skyline wall mural can bring back memories of your favourite place or even take you to an exotic location you’ve never been. Take yourself to New York City, Chicago, Las Vegas, Paris, London and much, much more…

NYC skyline Dawn Wall Mural


Why not travel to a destination of your dreams and visit from the comfort of your own home?

Have you ever dreamt of seeing the Eiffel Tower at Sunrise? With a wall mural that is exactly that - you’ll never have to wonder. For many homeowners they have many fond memories of a city they visited, so incorporating your favourite skyline as a feature within your home is a perfect idea. Memories can last a lifetime so why not commemorate your favourite location with a beautiful wall mural.



The Lovely London Skyline

Everybody wants to visit the queen and the iconic London skyline, so why not feature the most iconic skyscrapers in your living room? The London Cityscape wall mural would make a bold, yet elegant focal point in your home. Maybe you’ve visited the city of London before or simply you just dream of visiting one day - at least you can wake up everyday and have a view many would envy.



A house with many earthy tones would also benefit from the city of London view from st paul’s cathedral. These neutral hues and beige tones within the wall mural give a naturalistic and minimalist vibe. To compliment this, use white furniture with organic wooden structures to enhance the colour in the room.



American Cityscapes Skylines

One of our most popular cityscape skylines is the toronto skyline wall mural, this would make a perfect statement piece in the living room of a contemporary home. A white leather sofa with a glass coffee table, making the cityscape the central focal point of the room. Another option would be to place your television onto the wall in which you have placed the skyline wallpaper. This would create a subtle and elegant feature within the home. This beautiful design is the ultimate picturesque skyline as the skyscrapers reflect off the stillness of the water.


Toronto Skyline Mural


Illuminate Your Home or Office Space with Skylines at night

Have you dreamt of having dinner in the city over the water at night? Well now you can…

The reflection of lights from the Chicago buildings over lake michigan is a view not to be missed on the Chicago at night wall mural. Set your dining room table so the backdrop is the nighttime views of the city and have a romantic meal many could only dream of. Alternatively, San Francisco Pier 7 skyline at night gives the perfect combination of city and beach views. This would look fabulous in a minimalist bedroom or create a statement piece in a business environment or living space.

 Chicago Syline at night


To all our NYC lovers…

Exploring the big apple with the New York skyline mural gives the illusion you have a birds eye view of New York with the appearance that it goes on for many miles and the buildings blur into nothing - giving the illusion of your room being much bigger than it is. Because of the high angle, you could wake up every morning feeling like you're at the top of a Penthouse suite. This may be a fleeting feeling, but better than nothing at all!


NYC skyline Mural


Design your next space with a Sublime Skyline

Highly detailed and iconic locations - skyline wall murals give a breathtaking birds eye view of towering skyscrapers. This is a popular choice for contemporary bedrooms, but also makes a perfect feature wall in an urban living room, bold kitchen, or a stunning welcoming sight in an entrance hallway or business space.



Eazywallz design wallpapers are custom made with uncompromising attention and quality to detail and have a variety of material options that your skyline can be printed on: Eazystick Fabric, 3M™ Peel & Stick Vinyl, HP Prepasted Wallpaper and DIGISCAPE 370 gsm Wallpaper.

Make your dream destination a reality and contact Eazywallz today!