Trending Wallpaper: The Top 10 Most Stylish Ways to Decorate your Walls

the top 10 most stylish wys to decorate your walls

Need some trending wallpaper inspiration? We have tons of ideas for you that will help you decorate your walls in the most stylish way in 2022.

Wallpaper is a trend that will never go away. The patterns and designs are endless and each day we see something more and more beautiful.

Whatever space you are trying to style, we have a removable wallpaper idea just for you. From traditional vintage patterns and dark florals, to contemporary and tropical peel and stick wallpaper designs.


The rise of peel and stick wallpaper and removable wall murals make it even easier to remove old wallpaper and replace it with new materials. This creates a desire to change your style of wall murals through the years and even the seasons. Like last years interior trends, this year still incorporates a stay at home mentality with even a fresher decor space.

1. Escape to nature with landscape wallpaper murals

To set a mood or tone within your home a mystic forest landscape wall mural would complement a contemporary home with gray and wooden furniture. The green hues for the trees and the misty fog cascading through the trees will set a relaxing environment in the room you decide to place this wallpaper. Why not add a pop of color with purple cushions or embellishments to follow Pantone’s color of the year?

A nature jungle removable wallpaper mural in a contemporary living room

2. An Abundance of Florals

Different year, same love for florals. These abundant amount of floral designs whether vintage, painted, or contemporary fit into almost any interior space. You firstly need to factor in the color palette of your theme and then choose the right mural wallpaper that pulls everything in. Scaling is also very important due to the fact that it can open up the space or close it in.

a dutch floral peel and stick wallpaper mural in a bohemian bedroom

3. Add Marble to your space without the price tag

Along with other illustrative and nature designs there are some beautiful and super realistic texture wallpaper murals to add to your space in 2022. Create an impactful feature without spending tons of money with marble wall murals that look so real you will need to touch it to see the difference.

 a marble wallpaper mural in a modern bedroom

4. Immense yourself with botanical prints

Bring the outdoors in with impactful botanicals that bring in a fresh feel into your interior. Mental awarness is at the forefront of 2022 and fresh removable wallpaper prints will definitely be a mood booster in your home. Bolder greens are also taking over and bringing in the biophilic trend of wellness through plants and foliage.

a botanical tropical jungle wallpaper mural in a modern living room


5. Charming Chinoiserie

Chinoiserie is characterized as a vintage and out of style wallpaper design but in 2022 we think it's making a comeback. Designing cottage core homes includes granny style peel and stick wallpaper designs featuring bright and colorful patterns. These designs have a vintage style with a new fresh look.

a chinoiserie blue wallpaper pattern in a modern living room

6. Life Sized Fine Art Wall Murals

Fine art-inspired mural wallpaper is trending with life size art murals proving popular in eclectic spaces. These high detailed pieces of art will add a luxurious feel to your walls and highlight a dull room.

 A vintage birds of america fine art paingint wallpaper mural in a tropical living space

7. Go Two Tone or maybe Three?

For a fresh and modern twist on a full feature wall, go for an ombre gradient wall mural. It will lift your walls with colors and create an effect that injects color into any space. Make the ombre start over key pieces of furniture like the coach to make it either half or two thirds of the wall. A lighter color on top will make the room feel bigger and a warmer color below will make it feel cozier.

a ombre gradient water color kids removable wall mural in a fun childrens room

8. Go Japandi

A fusion of sleek japanese minimalism with the warmth of Scandinavian design is looking to be one of the biggest interior trends for 2022. The Scandi-Japanese design fusion is all about bringing simplicity into the home. This interior style maintains a color palette made up of the minimalist grey, pale blues and earthy tones, prototypical of Japanese minimalism, with the integration of statement pieces of furniture that truly personifies a comfortable yet clutter-free aesthetic.

a japandi abstract wallpaper mural in a scandinavian living space

9. Bold Bathrooms

The bathroom is the perfect place to begin any interior decorating as it is one of the most used areas of the home. You can experiment and create accent walls and have fun creating your own personalised masterpiece with removable wall murals. Whether it's super colorful or larger than life pieces of art.

a tropical leaf peel and stick wall mural in a modern bathroom

10. Playful Patterns

Evoke a tropical hand drawn pattern or a playful abstract design to your space to freshen up your decor in 2022. These wallpaper designs implement a fun style that will freshen up your walls and make a space super fun for even children.

a fun kids lion peel and stick wallpaper mural

Try to get ahead this year in wallpaper and wall mural trends with these top 10 tips we provide for you. Freshen up your interior with bold designs and separate yourself from the rest with outstanding removable wall murals and wallpaper.